Quitting my $300,000 Google job for a 0 User app

Alexander Nguyen
3 min readMay 15, 2024

It wasn’t worth it.


In 2023, I joined Google as a software engineer and made a total compensation close to $300,000.

It was an amazing experience filled with free food and learning opportunities. But over the year the excitement died down and everyday started to feel the same.

The same people, same code reviews, same problems.

I needed a change and wanted to be more adventurous, so I started building an app with what I understood writing on LinkedIn.

It has 0 users and everyday I regret leaving my job for a project that hasn’t been proven.

But first lets start with how this journey started.

200,000 LinkedIn following

I write a lot on linkedin, a lot of random posts, some posts on advice, and some posts to try to go viral. After doing this as a covid hobby since 2020, I figured I’d have an unfair advantage in this space as a super user.

After talking to friends and other creators, we all had a common problem.



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