I quit Google to build a blogging app with 0 users.

Alexander Nguyen
3 min readMay 1, 2024

The MVP is not the most valuable player.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

After leaving Google back in March 2024, I thought it’d be fun to working on a new blogging app. I thought it would make more sense to “follow my passion” instead of working for Google.

Because after working in corporate day in and out with little promotion prospects, you stop feeling excited to wake up every morning. I’ve been feeling this way for years and thought I wasn’t cut out for a corporate setting.

The day I made the jump, I realized I made a huge mistake.

Before explaining how I have 0 users, let’s talk about the day I told my manager about leaving.

Google PTO

Before March, I took a month long vacation from the company since I had PTO to use. With 30 days of PTO, I figured it made more sense to just take it instead of having it paid out with taxes and other complications.

With a Google salary of $169,000, that came out to a $14,000 payout for a month of vacation!

With all that time off, I started to think a lot about how excited I would be leaving my job to finally start my own projects.

Maybe they’d be side projects, indie projects, or beginnings of a start up. But I started to regret my decision…



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