How I Made 86,589 Followers on LinkedIn Explained

Alexander Nguyen
6 min readJan 5

The followers are rising

About My LinkedIn Account

My name is Alex Nguyen and my LinkedIn account has 86,589 followers. After posting regularly for 3 years since 2020, I made 80,000 followers in December and expect to reach 100,000 followers in 2023.

Through trial and error posting on LinkedIn, I’ll walk through what I did to gain my following.

Do What’s Already Popular On LinkedIn

Whatever is already popular on LinkedIn will also be popular if you also post about it. You don’t have to already be an influencer or content creator to make a viral post. Quality content sells itself more than anything else.

Happy to Announce Posts

You almost can’t get away from these posts on LinkedIn. They naturally have engagement because if you’re excited for your opportunity, someone else is too. If everyone else is doing it, you can too.

Chat about corporate culture

LinkedIn is a professional network after all. It’s not the place for sports, entertainment, or medicine. The general audience can relate to corporate struggles and you will always have something to say about corporate culture no matter what field you’re in.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m a software engineer or if you’re a business consultant, no one is happy to be laid off. Point a finger at the company and sympathize with the ex-employee. In 2023 where the job market is tougher, this has been a more popular topic to chat about.

I may be a software engineer, but chatting about corporate culture will always find a place on LinkedIn

Writing Quality Content

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